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Physics Union Mathematics

PUM is a set of physics/physical science curriculum modules that help students learn physics through practicing it. It is fully consistent with the Next Generation Science Standards as science practices and cross cutting concepts are naturally integrated into the modules. PUM builds on the intrinsic mathematical reasoning to develop and strengthen students’ mathematical concepts at the pre-algebra, algebra and algebra 2 levels.

PUM modules are logically connected and use the same philosophical approach to the process of physics and the tools students apply to develop, test and apply concepts. This process, called ISLE (Investigative Science Learning Environment) allows students to build their conceptual understanding of physics concepts, develop relevant mathematical reasoning and simultaneously learn how to think like scientists. The following modules are available for use:

PUM modules contain lesson activities, homework questions, daily quiz questions and final tests. They use simple equipment that any school is likely to have. In case of the lack of needed equipment, Rutgers has a small lending library. The modules work with any textbook and can be implemented “as is” or used to supplement any materials that the teacher already uses. Each module contains about 20-25 lessons. We also have supplemental materials that show how the modules relate to NGSS and how to use them.